Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bekah's American Girl Trip

We are back from a trip to Georgia. Bekah and I went with my MIL and FIL. Our main goal was to go to Augusta, for a cousin's wedding. Which was beautiful by the way. But on the way we stopped off so that we could take Bekah to the American Girl store. All she could do was smile! All we could do was smile just watching her. The store opened at 9AM and we were there, she looked at everything in there at least once and most things twice! :) She used her birthday monies to make her choices, and was very happy! We then had brunch in their cafe. A very tasty ending to a wonderful morning!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rain, rain go away!

Well want a wet start to the month we've had! Almost 15 inches in 48 hours!

So on Saturday I took the children and we went to 2 Goodwills, here in our area. When we got back my oldest, how got a new golf club while we were there went downstairs to try it out and........found that the basement was flooding! So my sweet boys spent hours sucking water and dumping it out. So helpfull and precious! Well after it was all said and done we ended up having to rip out all the new carpet we just put down about 7 months ago. Oh well, that just means we get to start over! :) The insurance claims adjuster will be here tomorrow to check and see what can be done. So school has been supended yesterday and today. Today due to my not feeling well, hard to teach when you sound like a squeeky "Rocky"! LOL But I am the healed and will overcome this bleck. My sweet sister is completely land locked, she lives inAshland City and they are dealing with 3 differant creeks and rivers near there home. So this has been our May Day weekend, fun huh?

But life is good! We are all ok, our house is ok, just a bit soggy :). I'll update in a few weeks after our American Girl trip.
Until then,

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Just signed up with SwagBucks. Let me know if any of you have signed up, or know anyone who has. I curious if it is one of those things that you have to "keep up with" or does it work 'for' you? Let me know your impressions and first hand, or second hand, or even third hand knowledge. Thanks in advance!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just remembered!

Here I was reading a blog when it hit me! I hadn't posted for this month! Sorry!

Well this last month we went to South Lake Tahoe, CA. So beautiful!! The children had a great time skiing and snowboarding. They are gitting to be quite good, they all played at the terrain park and are starting to take some jumps. Makes me glad I don't ski, so all I do is hear about it AFTER the fact! LOL

I got to enjoy some quiet days at the house we rented. VERY RARE when you home school!

The boys also had their SATs just before we left. No scores yet, but I know we did well this year. They were ready to take the tests and thought they were boring! That's home schooling at it's best huh?

This next month is shaping up to be very busy too. Lots for scout camping, church functions, family stuff and a wedding. Plus a special girls trip to an American Girl store! Lots of fun things and hopefully I'll remember to actually take my camara out of my purse! LOL

Well until next month...be blessed!

Monday, March 1, 2010


This is a HUGE birthday month for our family, really it's about a six week span. First my brother, then my hubby's youngest brother, then my sweet SIL, Laryssa of Heaven in the Home and soon two more wonderfull blogs. Then my cousin, my sister, my hubby, and my sister's hubby. Then my neice, and finally my hubby's oldest brother. WOW!! Can you say cha-ching! LOL!! My sweet sister had a big-kid only birthday brunch. French toast, bacon, eggs, grits ( hey we are in the south, ya'll) and these delish little tart thingies. They were made with philio dough shells, a small bit of brie cheese, and fresh jam. YUMMY!! Lots of fun and famliy times.
So that has been our month in a nutshell. Birthdays, life, school, ya know stuff. We are getting ready to go to Tahoe again at the end of this month. But thats about it. Nothing big, nothing major. Maybe I'll have more exciting things next time. LOL!!

So until next time! Be blessed!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hello Again!

Hello again! Well after talking to my sweet SIL Laryssa, at Heaven in the Home and soon to be others, I have been rejuvenated to blog. Funny I know, but that's what happened. :)

Ok, so I'll catch you up on our life since the first of the year. Life! lol!!

Well actually home school, housework, laundry, dishes....ya know life. lol We also found time to take our first family, just our five, to Tahoe, NV/CA. It's right on the state line. Kids loved that at the state line light that we can be in two separate states but in the same truck. A full week of family fun. Skiing/Snowboarding everyday. Spa day for me. No cooking!! The two nights we ate at the house Matt cooked. YEA!! Lots of fun and special family time. Then the weekend after we got back from that the guys went on their Boy Scout ski weekend. Alex had a fall and hurt his wrist. Just hyper-flexed it, BUT GOD..... we have prayed and he is healing super fast. Thanks to our awesome God!! So that's all for the last month, but there's more coming up.

So, I am going to start updating this the first of every month. So "see" you here the first of March.

Friday, January 1, 2010



May everyone's year be filled with God and His blessings!